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This is a fun exercise
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1) The government now owns this piece of land. , it belonged to a rich bussinessman who did not care for it.  
2) I saw the lorry knock down the cylist, so I went to the police station to make a report. The policeman took out a notebook, and asked me to exactly what I had seen.  
3) A child was learning to count. He started like this: 'i 2 4 3 5.' Clearly. he had got the numbers in the wrong  
4) When she took the examination in 1976 she failed. But in 1977 she was .  
5) Man made great progress when he found the cause of malaria. He made still greater progress when he found a cure for it. However, he took a greatest step when he discovered a vaccine against it.  
6) The fastest in technology have happened in this century. For example, we have moved from the simple motor-car to sending rockets to the moon.  
7) The purpose of taking driving lessons is to learn how to a car.  
8) Before growing any crops, it is necessary to the land by cutting the trees and ploughing the soil.  
9) The rose plants dying because there is to much sunlight over there. It is better to them over here where there is less heat.  
10) The government ordered the maize should not be grown in urban areas because it encouraged mosquitoes. But some people growing it without government's knowledge.  

Thank you